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What is ThriveThemes.com?
You may or may not have heard about Thrive Themes by now, and even if you have, you’re probably not clear on what it it is unless you’re a customer.

Trust me, I get it.

I kept hearing about Thrive Themes and ignored it until the time came for me to buy software to create lead pages. In doing my research, everyone kept telling me to purchase Lead Pages and I was really considering it until I looked at the cost.

At an absolute minimum, you’re looking at paying $300 per year for the Lead Pages standard plan. One thing that I HATE is recurring charges month to month for anything I use, so I kept looking.

After doing a ton of research and looking over people’s recommendations, I decided to give Thrive Leads (a Thrive Themes plugin). From there I was up-sold to the Thrive Membership package and the rest is history.

So, this company known as “ThriveThemes.com” is much more than just WordPress themes as their name implies.

My assumption is that they started off creating themes that were optimized for conversion in WordPress, but they’ve expanded substantially and made some of the most helpful tools that a person like myself (and you!) could ask for.

The first thing to know about Thrive Themes is that they are basically a collection of different products offered by the same company. You can think of Thrive Themes as a Toolbox of products that you can use to make your website absolutely awesome.

Thrive Themes Tutorial
$49/Single Website or $79 Unlimited Websites Per Theme
Or You Can Get a Thrive Membership (recommended)
Thrive Themes: These are easy to use WordPress themes that have a bunch of cool functionality built into them to make your life a lot easier.

Need a full width page template for your pages? DONE.

Need to make all of your blog posts into excerpts on your homepage? DONE.

Need a responsive website? DONE.

Want to put a phone number in the top right of your header? DONE.

Want to install Google Analytics? DONE.

You get the point, but it’s really awesome what they’ve made here. As of now, Thrive Themes consists of 10 different fully customizable themes that you can build your website on top of.