WordPress for Nonprofit Websites – Lesson Nine: Install and Use Widgets in the Sidebar

– Knowing how to install and use widgets will allow you to take you website to the next level. Widgets first need to be installed (typically as a WordPress plugin) and then added to your site.
That sidebar you see… those are widgets. And that content on your front page… well much of that is controlled by widgets too. So let’s learn how to use them.

You can take the entire “How to Build your Nonprofit Website Course” at:

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Lesson One – Hosting, Domain and WordPress Install
Lesson Two – Configuring WordPress
Lesson Three – Install your Theme
Lesson Four – Customize your Theme
Lesson Five – Configure your Widgets
Lesson Six – Set up your Latest News Page
Lesson Seven – Make your Donation Page!
Lesson Eight – Adding Pages to the Menu
Lesson Nine – Using Widgets in the Sidebar
Lesson Ten – Final Tweaks and Tuning

The example site I am making for this lesson can be viewed at