How To Make A Custom Login Page For Your WordPress Website Using Theme My Login


What’s up guys, DvApps here. Today I’ll be showing you How To Make A Custom Login Page For Your WordPress Website Using Theme My Login. This tutorial is especially good if you have a large subscriber/viewership on your website, and you just want a login page that is custom to you and not every single other WordPress website. In this how-to, we will be using a free plugin from the WordPress plugin marketplace called “Theme My Login”a link to the plugin is available in the section below. With this plugin, you can do a lot of customization, for example you can put a reCaptcha at your login page, to make sure your users are humans and not just bots, you can even make your own .css style sheet and make your login page look even better. With this plugin you can also put “log In”, “Log Out”, Reset Password”and “Register”buttons on your menu bar so that new visitors to your website can easily sign up or older members can reset their password, in case they forget it. Overall this is a great plugin with even greater potential and you can do a lot of things if you have the knowledge. That’s all for this video, make sure to like, comment and subscribe, thanks for watching until next time, Peace!

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