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The Ultimate Thrive Themes Tutorial And Review

Well it’s official, I mentioned last week how I was going to redesign the One Hour Professor website and here we are.

Did you notice any big changes?

You may have, but you have no idea how easy it was for me to get this done.

I think the coolest thing about this redesign is the fact that I didn’t have to pay a designer anything to get it done. The reason why that’s so cool is two-fold;

1) I saved money

2) I do not know how to code HTML.

The new website design was done with very minimal coding knowledge from myself and nothing

Required Tools
What I’ve come to realize is that there is a set of essential tools that you absolutely must have in order to create or redesign a website.

There are a lot of substitutes out there for each of the tools that I’m going to list, but this is what I use and I’ve had some amazing results. These tools are being recommended because I use them myself and they’re quality products, not because I want to make a few bucks for referring you.

WordPress: In my opinion, there is no other CMS platform that measures up to WordPress. There are definitely others out there, but this is completely free and all the tools that I use rely on this platform.

Website Hosting: You’re going to need a good hosting platform to house your website. I typically recommend Bluehost to my website visitors and that recommendation still stands. Here’s a 3-Step guide to help you if you don’t have a website/blog yet.

I do want to note that I recently migrated over to Siteground because they have some really cool tools that aren’t available on Bluehost and I’ve been blown away by the service so far. I’ll explain more about this in another post, but the GoGeek plan has a 1-button staging website creator and it backs up your website daily automatically which I love!

Thrive Themes: By far my favorite product that I’ve ever purchased and the focus of this entire tutorial. This platform isn’t just themes to build your website on, it’s become much more than that and we will examine all aspects of Thrive Themes in this Tutorial.

Aweber: There are plenty of other email platforms out there, in fact I even started with Mailchimp, but I’ve come to realize that Aweber does much of what the more expensive guys do and is a fraction of the cost.

Not many people realize this, but Aweber recently launched some advanced features and is trying to contend with some of the bigger players in the email industry.

more than an awesome resource that I absolutely love called Thrive Themes.

Today I’m going to do a full tutorial as well as a review on Thrive Themes to better help you understand what the software is all about and what it’s capable of doing.

Full disclosure before we begin, I am an affiliate with Thrive Themes and all of the links within this post are affiliate links. But realize that I’m not pushing this product (or any others) because I’m a dishonest jerk trying to make a quick buck for referring you. Instead, realize that I absolutely LOVE this software and after being asked about it through email around 20 times, I decided it was time to make an amazing tutorial and I think doing it right after my own website redesign makes sense.

This post is a culmination of text and YouTube video tutorials, so you may want to bookmark this so you can come back to it later as it’s VERY in-depth (It took me 7 hours to create).